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Mental health is a slippery slope. It calls for balance and the healthiest of minds are those that barely teeter. Mental health is a continuum of two distant extremes – the good and not so good side. It dithers often shifting from end to end. The human mind can be as volatile as magma. It’s fluctuates and is susceptible to erratic outbursts.

This brain and mind sheltered in between our pairs of ears wields enormous clout on how we are. It can visit upon us untold misery. Or it can, brick by brick, build us a harmonious sanctuary to which we retire to in times of turmoil. Where we can go to safely brood and roost.

Mental health is a fluttering butterfly whose wings, if left unfettered, can cause a hurricane. It is neither to be despised nor to be overlooked. It is the tiny mustard seed soon to be the trunk of a monstrous tree.

It is said that the mind is a dutiful servant but otherwise a draconian master. It is better to lead it than to heed it. Your mental health is akin to water. Formless and amorphous but still takes the shape of the vessel that seizes it.

What a mystery it is, this little mind of mine. Perhaps, I should let it shine.

Recently, I decided to step out of it and observe it keenly. I have done so, at least for weeks now. Especially at this point in my life where my emotions just seem to boomerang. Where the highs are ebullient and the lows scrape the ground like the serpent’s underbelly.

I’ve sat shotgun to this vehicle in my head and watched it drive. How in one moment it can just luxuriously cruise through and breeze past life’s potholes almost seamlessly. Yet in the next moment and in a callous wrench of fate – this vehicle may choose to careen off the road, bump into a kerb and ultimately threaten to wreak carnage.  Such is the capriciousness of mental health.

The mind is a powerful shape-shifter. It either exorcises the sorcery out of you or beleaguers you with bloody demons. At best, it is two timing and double dealing in nature. And can pivot favorably or vice versa. Some days I’ve started out as happy as lark but haplessly gone to bed in the evening in stony dullness.

But even feral monsters are prone to being tamed. Vulnerability is the preserve of all creatures including your mental health. Its negative tendencies can be kept at bay and the positive ones accentuated. It bends to sheer will and conforms to firm instructions though only at your behest.

There’s a trick I have come by that helps me keep my mental health in thrall. It has worked wonders for myself I hope it does too for you. Control the voice in your head. There’s a mouthpiece up there makes your head giddy or grumpy depending on what you let it say. Control that and the rest falls in line. Speak love and light to your mind and watch it become a lantern that lights your path in an abysmal world. A healthy mind is well within your reach. Let your mind start working for you instead of working you up.

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